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“Love your voice! Your pacing was great. Nice job on this copy.”
"I really like the demo and you show a good attitudinal range."
“Perfect voice for this spot. Tone, delivery, and pacing are dead on. I wouldn’t change a thing! Great voice for commercial, radio, TV broadcast, and political ads."
“The texture in your voice is awesome. Nice sound and a sellable voice.”
“Great energy and you’ve got such a nice unique tone to your voice that makes your read sound so natural.”
“Well done. You have a very strong voice and I enjoyed the way you played this copy.”

Recent Credits & Training

Premier Health -- voice of 'HR Director' for corporate video
Sekonic Speedmaster -- audio descriptors of new products

Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort, Roatan -- web promotional video VO
Appworx -- corporate video narration
Kick Learning LLC -- 2 eLearning instructional video VOs
The Vineyard Team, California -- internet informational video VO
Major Oil Company -- voice of ‘employee’ for mosaic web video 

VO Workshop: Nick Omana, Nova Productions
VO Workshop: Lynda McCarrell, McCarrell & Associates
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